Igora Color Worx - Intense Turquois

3 035 rub.

Straight end Nuance for drawing bold or playful color effects. Use IGORA Color Worx for direct use or as a pastel blend. Semi-permanent


Directly applied: apply IGORA Color Worx directly on blond or already bleached hair, to create particularly bright color effects.
Pastel mix: Mix any IGORA Color Worx Nuane with IGORA Color Worx Thinner for delicate pastel colors.

Apply the required amount of product to the towel to dry hair. Do not apply irritated scalp to the skin. Exposure Time: 20 Min. Rinse and maintain.

A warning

Use of this product requires professional know-how. Perfect Hair.ch disclaims all responsibility.

Product Line: Igora Color Worx

Packing Color: Black Turquoise / Mint

Hair Type: Normal Hair

Scalp: Normal Scalp

Colours: Turquoise