About the project

Service Swiss Apteka renders services on purchase and delivery of the goods from Switzerland. Purchases are made only in official pharmacies, shops and directly from manufacturers. Sending is done by mail in Switzerland.

You can be assured of the Swiss quality of the products offered.

Delivery terms:

1) Standard delivery of 2-3 weeks (Swiss Post)

2) Urgent delivery of up to 48 hours anywhere in Europe, up to 72 hours anywhere in the world (where the plane flies). There are customs restrictions. Specify the cost and delivery options individually.

The dispatch of goods is made from Switzerland by transport and postal companies. In each country there are customs restrictions on the maximum cost of goods sent, please consider this in the order.

Delivery in Europe. The delivery rate depends on the urgency of the order and is calculated individually for each customer.

Delivery to Asia: Delivery of parcels from Switzerland is possible in Hong Kong, from where you can send to Asia by other transport companies. In addition, you can receive a parcel sent by the Swiss Post to the state post office at your place of residence.

Delivery to the USA. Delivery of vitamins and bezretpurnyh preparations without restrictions, on prescription drugs specify in addition.

Delivery to Russia. Payment for orders worth up to 15.000 rubles in Russia is made upon receipt. Products are more expensive than 15.000p. delivered on full prepayment. Customs risks associated with crossing the border are borne by the Customer, in case the parcel did not pass through the customs of your country, it returns to Switzerland. All prices on the site are already listed with delivery to Moscow.

You can order any product worth up to 1000 euro. Products more expensive than 1000 euros are not brought to Russia due to customs restrictions, or are subject to payment of a customs fee of 30% of the cost of the goods.

Delivery to other countries of the world. Standard mail delivery.

With the help of Swiss-Apteka service, you can order medicines, vitamins, therapeutic cosmetics, children's products and other products in shops and pharmacies in Switzerland and some other countries of the world. In addition to the offered assortment, you can order any other related products for personal use that can not be bought in your country.

If you did not find the product you need, maybe it's not yet in our catalog, send it a link from another store in the world and we will calculate the delivery to your address.

If you have any additional questions or have a suggestion for cooperation, write to info@swiss-apteka.com